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The California Coffee Initiative is the evolution of years of collaboration including first hand management of an organic Hawaiian coffee farm, and more recently-established expansion into California. 


"Shade-grown coffee" is a term known throughout the world.  The abundance of avocado orchards in the Southern and Central California region provide an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this canopy to grow our coffee, with additional inputs of water, fertilizer, etc. being minimal.  We feel that a high desirable secondary crop is well within reach.

Talk about a win-win!

We are a vertically integrated company, always trying to push the limit of experience and achievement.  Our philosophy of "Crop to Cup" comes from involvement of all aspects of the coffee industry from early stage propagation thru roasting and delivering a delicious beverage to the retail customer.


Contact us now to learn how we can work together to optimize your orchard, and create a new, exciting, viable crop in our beautiful state!

Colin Princi

VP of Operations

Colin strongly believes that the best way to fully understand an industry is by immersing yourself.  Over the years, he has worked directly in coffee propagation, picking, bean processing, roasting, and more.  A Certified Permaculture Designer, he believes strongly in developing sustainable site designs maximizing the use of space, while minimizing the use of synthetic fertilizers and other valuable resources.  Colin has worked in a variety of industries including aerospace manufacturing, construction, and farming apples.  Hobbies include surfing, camping/backpacking, and traveling (especially to coffee-producing countries)!



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